BelMag PRO

This is small, mobile and compact extra-low frequency magnetotherapy system for individual use that can be applied anywhere and any time. System consists of USB stick and PC software. USB stick is pulsed magnetic field generator.

BelMag Protect

Specifically stimulate the regulatory capacity and protects endogenous processes! It stabilize and synchronize the autonomic nervous system, improve its capacity, increase concentration, strengthens defense forces


Fast cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory activity, pain relief, healing ubzavanje, shrinkage or expansion of blood vessels, pressure stabilization, strengthening imunolološkog system, relaxing the muscles, elimination island, encouraging the growth and development of bone tissue, etc.

NEW - BelMag USB PIC Programmer

Introducing small programmer for a large number of Microchip PIC micro-controllers

BelMag for You

  • It can be worn continuously for 24 hours without any adverse consequences. It can be conveniently carried and used during work or rest. Relaxation and health in your pocket. It does not require any additional equipment.
  • It offers fifteen program, very easy for individual use, does not require the help of another person with any treatment, it does not require any additional equipment
  • EUflag
    • BS EN 61000-6-1: 2008
    • BS EN 61000-6-3: 2008 / A1: 2011
    • BS EN 61000-4-2: 2008